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Home: Families get their game on

Every Monday after supper, Tyler and Angela Monson sit down with their three children for Family Home Evening, a ritual of contemplation, focused conversation and games or skits that always ends with a treat. “The reward for having survived,” joked Tyler Monson, a hearty man who works for Travelers Insurance. “The kids know there’s always dessert on Mondays,” Angela Monson said. “You want a trick on remembering how to spell ‘dessert’? asked Lily Monson, 10. “Dessert always has two S’s. That’s easy to remember because you always want more!” Family Home Evening is a custom Read more: Home: Families get their game on (with game ideas!) – The Denver Post

What is Truly Important – Cherishing Those in Your Life

We have closed the book on Christmas 2011 and as we look forward to ringing in 2012 this weekend, I am reflecting on those in my life and those who have shared it. As I get older and watch my children grow up, I continue to gain insight and wisdom into what is truly important…it is what our elders have told us all along. It’s family and friends and those who love you and you love. My children and I watched The Grinch Who Stole Christmas on Christmas Day. I always understood the message, even when I was a child, that Christmas isn’t something that comes from a store or comes wrapped in packages, boxes or bags.