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Nature’s Decorations for Fall

I love, love, love fall.  And, I love bringing as much of the fall outside into my inside living space.  Here are my fall decorating ideas.  Let your kids help decorate your house with their favorite things from fall.

Buy colorful gourds and small pumpkins.  Use in baskets, decorate with leaves and display throughout your house.

Gather favorite leaves that have not yet dropped.  Or, prune the entire branch and use to make a natural centerpiece or table runner.  Add pine cones or gourds for extra pizazz.

Leaf preservation:  To dry leaves, get fresh leaves still on a tree, sandwich between paper towels. Microwave at 30 second intervals until dry.  To press leaves, put in newspaper sandwich, top with heavy books and wait a few weeks. Or, use wax paper to preserve and/ or create fall place mats.

Leaves won’t last forever.  If you’d rather, print out this leaf template and use paper leaves for decorations instead of real ones.  Use the paper leaves to make placecards, thank you notes or wreaths.

Fun, huh!?

Last, I bet you have lots of glass vases like I do.  Fill them with pine cones, seeds, cranberries, or leaves.   Place throughout the house or on your table.  Easy.  Beautiful.  (And cheap!)

Nature gives us decorating inspiration.  Use nature’s bounty to “go green orange” inside your home this fall.    Happy Fall!