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Mom on the move: Relocating with baby from England to Denver

After ten amazing years living in London, I recently moved with my husband and baby daughter to the suburbs of Denver. My husband and I have always had this dream to move to America. We moved from London to Denver in September 2013 when little Maya was six months old.

When you have lived in a certain place for over a decade and then you move somewhere new there would inevitably be a cultural shock when faced with the social and physical differences between one place and the other, especially if there is a baby involved.

The first thing that hit me hard when we arrived in Denver was distance. Walking around is not as easy and common as it is in an urban environment like London. Basically here you need a car. Without one you can’t even go to the shop to get necessary baby essentials. I am used to having all necessities I need for my baby within a walking distance. Having to adjust to a car lifestyle was a big pain to say the least.

But although walking around with a baby in Denver is not as comfortable as it is in London, general everyday life is much more affordable and easy here then it is over there. You’d be hard-pressed to find a flat in London the size of the flat we currently live in, unless you are prepared to pay a fortune for the rent. Not to mention so well equipped with technology that makes baby care chores much more pleasant.

Another thing that I love about Colorado is the big outdoors! I am a big advocate that kids should spend as much time as possible outside. Colorado is a place where I believe a kid will have much more opportunities to explore nature and do hiking, mounting biking or camping than if living in London. When you live in a big city it is easy to get absorbed into the city life and rarely think about spending time among nature.

But there is something about life in England that I terribly miss. And that is their immaculate National Health Service. When you have a little baby to take care of, access to affordable health care is crucial! In England whatever health issue might come your way, you know  your child is covered and you won’t face skyrocketing medical bills. This has been the most frustrating thing I had to deal with since moving to America.

For quite a while since we arrived here I was nostalgic about London and I was concerned what I am taking away from my little girl not giving her the chance to grow up there. For the time I had spent in that city I have had the opportunity to experience things that would be impossible in a smaller town like Denver. I’ve seen famous actors live at theatre performances, I’ve seen original paintings by artists like Botticelli and Ruben, I’ve watched the Royal Ballet and listened to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra perform at the Royal Albert Hall, the most beautiful of venues.

 London is a place full of arts, culture, history, fashion. Denver is a lot less exciting than that. However, in a city as big as London it is very easy to feel small. So I am hoping that with our decision to move across continents we would be able to bring up a child with values that would appreciate the small and simple things in life.

Guest blogger Stela currently lives in Denver with her husband and their daughter Maya. She works in digital marketing and SEO and writes her blog Prettily, where she talks about all sorts of ladies’ stuff like crafts, fashion, beauty, cooking to name a few, as well as her life as a mum. Are you moving to Denver? Don’t miss Moving to Denver: Cost of Living and Relocation Tips