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East High students will step on sage advice

Teenagers often have a habit of gazing at their feet, so the refurbishing of East High School’s entrance will toss some education into the mix with paving stones that bear famous quotations.

In a few months, East’s 2,400 students will be able to walk, chew gum and learn at the same time — as long as they don’t put those wads of Wrigley’s under their desks.

The project isn’t cheap, but backers have raised $200,000 toward a goal of $250,000 to launch the privately funded renovation of the historic entry plaza. Construction is set to start June 1.

“This started out as just a way to sell bricks and raise money,” said Mary Beth Jenkins, co-chair of Project Angel Pride, the sponsoring organization. “But we realized we needed to be more ambitious, so we came up with the idea of the paving stones with quotations on them.”

The pavers that bear quotations are intended to help