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Movie review: In “Earth to Echo” kids will connect with kids

Told from the perspective of junior high students with GoPros, cellphones, video cameras and spyglasses, ” Earth to Echo” is a tech-savvy flick packed with family-friendly adventure. The movie is jockeying to be, as producer Andrew Panay has said, this generation’s ” Stand by Me“-meets-” The Goonies.”

“Echo” opens with a sketchy highway construction project threatening to uproot a tightly knit suburb of families and friends in Nevada. The main storyteller here is Tuck ( Brian “Astro” Bradley), a kid struggling to grow up in the shadow of his popular, athletic big brother. Along with his two best friends — Munch ( Reese Hartwig), a hoarder, and Alex ( Teo Halm), a foster kid — the posse pledges to live up their last night together and investigate an electronic mystery plaguing their cell phones.

The boys bike to the desert to discover a robot alien, who wants nothing more than to rebuild his spaceship and return home. (Its plot is uncannily comparable to ” E.T.” — just with a more post-modern approach.)

Tuck breaks the fourth wall, films the action on his arsenal of gadgets (or so it appears) and provides snippets of the movie’s