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Why Mile High Mamas’ Night Out With Dove Was “The Pits”

There are different kinds of female bonding: In restaurant bathrooms. Watching chick flicks. Sipping freshly squeezed lemonade at the spa.

But Mile High Mamas’ bloggers experienced a different kind of bonding last week: over armpits.

To help women prep our underarms for the big reveal this summer, Dove® Deodorant has partnered with Beverly Hills Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Debra Luftman to develop an at-home spa treatment called the PitiCure™. A PitiCure is to your underarms what a pedicure is to your feet. And Dove invited Mile High Mamas’ bloggers to be among the first in Denver to test it out and also receive complimentary pedicures at Body Massage Wellness Spa in downtown Denver.

We weren’t sure what to expect. Many of us are regulars on the pedi circuit but let’s face it: our underarms get overlooked and for good reason. Who wants to look at them?

Well, Dove Ultimate wants to make them as presentable as possible.The PitiCure is an upper-body treatment that deep cleans the underarms by removing dead skin and impurities while keeping the upper body relaxed and indulged through massage. After getting cleansed, exfoliated and rinsed, we applied Dove Ultimate Beauty Care Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant.

Gretchen was among the first to experience the treatment and jubilantly announced, “I’ve been ‘Pitified!'”

It was the first time in our lives we bonded over armpits.

And salads. And paninis. And soup. Mad Greens catered our get together with glorious concoctions like the Don Quixote with tender baby greens, juicy mango, avocado, roasted corn & Jack cheese. It was was a healthy, perfect compliment to a Mama’s Night Out.

With the exception of Mad Greens’ brownies.

Because chocolate goes together with armpits like bees to honey.

To find out more about how you can have the purdiest pits in town with the PitiCure and Dove Ultimate Beauty Care Deodorant’s tri-moisturizing system, please go to

Mile High Mamas’ bloggers who selflessly share their time and talents with us:
Front: Danielle, Becky (, Aimee, Gretchen, JoAnn, Julie, Anne-Marie (guest)
Back: Lisa, Amber, Lori, Barb (MHM partner Mom It Forward)