dora the explorer

Goodbye Dora, Hello iCarly – Out with the Preschooler in with the Tween

My daughters are 6 and 9. They aren’t babies anymore. They aren’t even preschoolers anymore. They are both school age children. Can you call the extra pounds baby weight when you haven’t been pregnant in this decade…? Those baby/toddler years sometimes felt like they’d never end. My girls always needed something – a snack, a nap, chill time, a diaper change, help with the potty, a toy, a song, a hug, a snuggle, a drink. It was constant. No rest for the weary. But now they are older: more capable. The needed snack can be handled on their own. A drink of water, the same. Hugs and snuggles are still needed but not as frequently. “I’m fine, Mom, let me handle this.”