A Cautionary Tale for Colorado Canines and the Grass That Can Kill

Summer hazard alert for your dog! Beware of the Devil, in the form of Satans of the savannah, Lucifers of the llano, Beelzebubs of the backyard. They look benign, but they are EVIL.

Postcards to Denver from a 10-Year-Old and His Mom

From western New York: “The farm has ten chickens and two bunny rabbits. My chicken’s name is Geraldine. The rabbits are Sam and Matilda. I miss our dog. She would have so much fun here, but we were worried she would eat the chickens.” “I forgot what it feels like to stay in bed long enough to listen to the birds, watch the sun move across the room and let my muscles stretch awake one at a time.” From Snowmass, Colorado: “Mom and Dad made us go on a hike. Why does anybody like hiking? You go up and up and up, and they keep saying it’s beautiful, which… who cares?! Then mom counts her mosquito bites. It would be more fun if we could bring the dog.” From Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado: