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Creative Valentine Ideas for the Entire Family!

Spreading the love has never been so much fun! Whether you decide to go traditional or get creative, this holiday of charming affection offers up an opportune time to tell those around you how much you care.
A Valentine mustn’t be elaborate or pricey to win the hearts of those you love…but it does need to shout I LOVE YOU! With the many types of love out there, you’ll want to be sure to put some thought into the type of Valentine you choose…below are a few of my favorite ideas.
A Valentine For Your…
Pinup Photo by Iman Woods

He’ll treasure an amazing photo of his one true love and a gift like this will likely find its way through generations to come. Iman does fabulous work and the experience is half the fun (a little gift for you too). Your great-grandchildren aren’t going to believe that’s a picture of grandma, lol.
Jewelry by Kris Nations
You really can’t go wrong with a classic gift of bling. Make her favorite meal (or order in) because restaurants are b.u.s.y. on Valentines Day. Find a creative way to surprise her with the gift! This jewelry is made in the USA from recycled metals by two creative sisters.
Heart-Shape Paper Clips
Let ‘em know you care with a little bend and clip. Use this thoughtful idea to attach a Happy Valentines Day note to mundane paperwork and help brighten someone’s day.

Teachers/Childcare Workers:
Write a little message of appreciation on a strip of festive paper, crease it in the center and roll the edges to form the perfect valentine…or go the extra mile and design an entire card!
Family & Friends:
Creative Photo Cards 
A photo card with a sweet twist is a perfect gift for family and friends. 3-D fun is perfect if you’re handing them out, but if you’re mailing your Valentines, you’ll want to go with a flat…Tip: add lip stickers to the MUAH card. We don’t have regular lip trays at our house…but we DO have vampire fangs from Halloween…I’m thinking we might have a little Twilight inspired fun – it’ll make the grandparents wonder, ha.
Happy Valentine’s Day!