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What “DIY” REALLY means

DIY technically means Do It Yourself, but we have other definitions:

D: Dirty, Disgusting, Design, Discoveries
I: Irritating, Impatience, Ingenuity, Inspiration
Y: Yelling.

Yes, our version of DIY pretty much always ends in Yelling.

(This photo was taken in the midst of one of our bathroom remodeling projects.)

The quality and clarity of swear words included in the Yelling phase have changed over the years with the addition of our child to the mix. In years past, we’d joke that we could totally have a home improvement show on television, but it would have to be on HBO.

Now we use this as an exercise for teaching our daughter that it’s perfectly acceptable to disagree with someone you love, and that forms of communication happen in varying decibel levels.

We’ve been working on our house for over nine years. Management put her foot down and sanctioned a mandatory rest-period last year. I didn’t approve any