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The Curse of The Kid-Friendly TV Shows – Where’s the Quality?

I recently spent two entire days on the couch with my 11-year-old daughter. She was home from school with a bad cold and needed some snuggle time.

As we sat on the couch, she flicked between several Disney and Nickelodeon shows. (When my kids usually watch TV, I’m somewhere in the vicinity but usually not sitting and actively watching the kid-friendly material.) I also give them a time limit. When the noise from the TV begins to damage MY brain cells in the other room,  it is time to turn it off.

Throughout that day, which led into the next day with a fever, we watched a variety of shows, live action and cartoon. The day began with a full hour of SpongeBob. Lots of shouting, hair raising laughter, a few funny puns and a lot of noise. I made her change it, because SpongeBob is on somewhere at all hours of the day and night.