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Out-of-town guests dropping in? Where will you take them to eat?

‘Tis the season for out-of-town guests. Sure, you’ve got all the activities planned — a hike in Eldorado Canyon, a viewing of the King Tut exhibit, perhaps an afternoon at one of the municipal pools — but the real question is: Where are you going to eat?

Choosing a place for guests is different from choosing a place for yourself. You want a place with good food, a place that shows off Denver well, a place where anyone in the party will be able to find something to eat. A place that’s not too expensive. A place that reflects your own sensibilities, but dovetails with your guests’ tastes, too. The Denver area is packed with options. Here are just a very few and be sure to leave a comment to share your own!


El Taco de Mexico

Nothing could be more Colorado than a Mexican breakfast, and there is no better Mexican breakfast in town that the smothered breakfast burrito at El Taco de Mexico. Whether you’re filling up for the King Tut exhibit at the Denver Art Museum, or headed west on Sixth Avenue for a hike, you’ll be fully fueled by El Taco’s generous breakfast. Just have coffee before and/or after your meal; you’ll find much better java elsewhere. This is also an excellent “last bite” in Denver before heading out to the airport. El Taco de Mexico, 714 Santa Fe Drive, 303-623-3926


Pineapple upside-down cakes for breakfast? Why not? Even if you aren’t on vacation, your guests are, and dessert for breakfast is definitely on the menu. Fill up here on weekday mornings, when the line is relatively tolerable; waits of up to an hour on weekends are not unusual. Breakfast here will certainly fill you up for a visit to the Museum of Nature and Science, or a day at Elitch’s, or an afternoon by the pool. Snooze, 700 Colorado Blvd., 303-736-6200;; additional locations downtown and in Fort Collins.


Biker Jim’s