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Product Review: Poo-Pourri, Jr.

Stinky Diapers??

Before You Throw the Diaper in the Pail, Give it a Spritz so it Won’t Leave a Trail!

Poo Pourri BottlePoo~Pourri Jr. Lil’ Stinker- Soiled Diaper Odor Eliminator is a soiled diaper deodorizer with natural anti-bacterial essential oils such as Bergamot, Leomongrass and Grapefruit. This product starts at $12.

I was really skeptical of this product. I thought, yeah right, nothing gets rid of stinky diaper smells. So, I was so excited to try something new. I honestly believe this Poo-Pourri Jr. works!! Amazing product. I have just sprayed it on the diaper before throwing it in my pail and it’s great. You can also spray the top of your pail to freshen it up. I recommend it to all! Great Product!

This review was written by Alexa A, one of our Mile High Mamas Product Reviewers.

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