Why “seeking professional help” is worth it: My therapeutic journey

Everyone has a different perspective and attitude toward “seeking professional help.” I can only speak from my experience and although many different types of therapy exist, I will only be able to share with you the “type” that works for me. The first thing that I feel is important to know is that you don’t need to suffer from mental illness in order to see a therapist. I do not have a family history of mental illness, I am not on any prescriptions for mental illness and I don’t even have any symptoms severe enough to constitute mental illness. Sure, there have been times in my life that I may have found myself in a depression-like state but I never want to confuse that with true depression. If you or someone you know suffers from mental illness then you...

Surviving the Wake of the Holiday Season with MomPower

Fruitcake and Antidepressants. They were two of the top “trending now” items on my Yahoo mail page this morning – along with Matthew McConaughey and Mitt Romney. I’m not really sure why this caught my eye but it did.   It’s one of the most sought out Christmas gifts in our culture…TecHNoLoGY…and yet with the many gadgets and gadgets received this holiday season, the millions of web surfers, the infinite number of topics to spark our curiosity and all we can come up with is fruitcake and antidepressants – with a little Matt and Mitt in the mix?  

A Pregnant Mom’s Overdose

Updated January 2022. Editor’s Note: Trigger warning. This article discusses mental illness, bipolar disorder and a suicide attempt. For resources, check out Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts: A Healing Guide to the Secret Fears of New Mothers.  If you’re in distress, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. 1-800-273-8255. Casey of Moosh in Indy is beautiful, vibrant, has a darling daughter and an attorney-husband. After talking to her for just two minutes, I felt on top of the world. So I was surprised to learn that someone so enviable has been at the very bottom of it. Please join me in welcoming Casey. She may not be a local mama but her struggles with depression are universal. ===== I overdosed on prescription medication when I was seven months pregnant....