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Class acts for creative families: Fun Family Classes!

Theresa Nuber can’t sing. Fortunately, her duet partner hasn’t noticed.

Every Thursday morning, Nuber and her 18-month-old daughter, Eva, attend The Music Train, a family music class in their neighborhood.

From sign language to tumbling, family classes aren’t just for Type-A competitive parents. Some stay-at-home moms relish the social benefits of a scheduled group activity, and working parents appreciate outings that optimize precious time with their kids.

Nuber sought out The Music Train despite the indignity of being released by her own grade-school piano teacher for lack of “ear.”

“Honestly, I was thinking music class would be grueling, listening to baby music constantly,” says the Denver mom. “But I knew it would be good for Eva, so I found one I thought I could handle.”

Now she heartily recommends the program to friends. For Nuber, the 45-minute weekly class brings positive energy to the whole week at home.

“When we listen to the music,” she says, “(Eva) does the motions, sings along and makes me sing too.”

Parents like this are well-advised to manage expectations. Music class for a 6-month-old won’t guarantee a future Mozart, but the class will provide fun and stimulating quality time.

Local parents-in-the-know helped compile this list of parent/kid classes.