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Listen to your mother! The show comes to Colorado

The nation-wide phenomenon Listen To Your Mother Show comes to Denver and Boulder in time for Mother's Day. Mile High Mama bloggers are well-represented.

Reading Corner: Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety (& Activity)

Many people suffer from worry and anxiety…moms and dads as well as kids. But the question is: what are some of the symptoms or signs of anxiety in your child? worrying constantly about things that might happen restlessness, defiance, tantrums, aggression physical complaints such as stomach-ache, headache and fatigue avoiding or refusing to go places or do things What can a mom or dad do to help a child who is struggling with anxiety?

Becoming Mothers: Mom via adoption — “I saw my daughter be born”

Memories from my daughter's birth include U2's Beautiful Day, a major newspaper proclaiming a "Brilliant Debut," and the ridge of a Klingon, an honest mistake.

‘Tis the season to get pampered

And I ain’t talking diapers for the baby. I’m talking a facial for the mama. The Ritz-Carlton Spa in Denver is a four-time Forbes Four Star award winning spa (2008 – 2012). And it is currently offering special ways to pamper anyone in your life that may be under a wee bit of stress (you, perhaps?). Or someone who simply deserve an indulgence for being of service during the past year (again, I’m looking at YOU!).

What do you smell like? Ask your kid.

One night at bedtime, my daughter offers to tell me how I smell. Yikes -- do I want to know?

Mother-in-law: love her or hate her?

Mothers are honored and revered on a hallowed day this month. Mothers-in-law are tossed into the celebrations, too -- in the Rodney Dangerfield section of greeting cards.

Looking for a Mother’s Day hint to drop?

Here's a luscious idea that has fewer calories that chocolate, smells as good as a bouquet of flowers, and always fits the giftee perfectly. How about a day of pampering, a few hours with no cares or concerns, a time when you are the center of the universe? And how about doing all that at the very posh but not outrageously priced Four Seasons Spa in downtown Denver?

A Warm Weather Guide to Fun in Denver

Warmer weather is here! As the sun lingers in the sky longer before settling behind the mountains, how should we fill the time? What activities are sure to be a hit? Well, with the help of our readers (yes, that’s you!) Mile High Mamas has compiled a list of fun warm weather activities in the Denver area.  All of these places and activities in one handy list!?  Awesome! Need an idea for an inside activity? It’s here! Need a new outside activity to try? It’s here! See something that isn’t on the list? Let us know, and we’ll add it! Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often! It’s your Warm Weather Guide to Fun in Denver! So, get out there! Try something new! Explore your own backyard and beyond. Indoor Activities: Get in out of the sun (or rain) and have an i...

Picture Day Sticker Shock

Back when I was in Elementary School, Picture Day came once a year. It was the one day a year when it really mattered that your hair was combed, and your clothes were clean and straight, and that you didn’t fall down on the playground at recess. (Here is my 1979-80 Kindergarten Photo, both the class group photo and the single shot of little JoAnn as a Kindergartner.) Unlike my own daughter, I hated wearing dresses to school, but I had to on Picture Day. My mom made me do it. If I was good, sat still, and smiled like a good little girl, I got to keep the little fine-tooth comb with the Photography Studio’s name imprinted on it. Something tells me everyone got to keep the little comb, but it did the trick. The Picture Torture Session was over in a flash (pun totally intended), and then we ha...

Explore Colorado With Fun Outdoor Events From Planet Explore

With Spring’s glorious temperatures, Colorado is a joy to explore. The North Face has made outdoor participation a priority with Planet Explore a portal to the outdoors for people of all ages to find outdoor events in their area. In Denver, Planet Explore has teamed up with the Audubon Society of Greater Denver, the Blufflake Nature Center, Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder, Big City Mountaineers and Environmental Learning for Kids to help promote these fantastic events. 1) Bluff Lake Nature Center has planned several events that will help you celebrate Earth Day. Wednesday, April 21: STARGAZING. The Bluff Lake Nature Center will kick off Earth Day events on April 21 with a members-only event at dusk. An amateur Astronomer will bring his telescopes to Bluff Lake and share the wonders of ...

Our American Girl Adventure

For Claire’s fourth birthday, her grandparents gave her a brand new baby doll, and she named her Rose. Baby Rose is an American Girl Doll. Normally, when I tell people this, I get one of three possible reactions: They either look at me with a blank stare, swoon while gasping, or they go pale and get a slight twitch. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure what an American Girl Doll was. I seemed to remember someone telling me about how his daughter was obsessed with her little look-alike doll, and how the doll’s clothing and paraphernalia threatened to take over his house. I have younger friends who tried to school me in the importance of an American Doll and how great their relationships with their very own dolls were. I’ve had mothers of older daughters share their stories of mother-daughter bo...

Pretending to be Brave

As soon as March rolls around, we’re ready for spring.  Yes, the weather is pretty mild here in the Denver area.  (Those residents who didn’t do hard time in the brutal winters of the Midwest think it’s actually cold here, but we know differently.)  Even with all the sunshine we get here in Colorado, as soon as spring is on its way, we get antsy. One way to deal with this is to start up our swimming lessons again. I’ve been taking Claire swimming since she was 6-months old.  As a child, I was terrified of the water.  My mom forced me to take swim lessons, and it was one of the best things she could have done.  I remember being so afraid of the water, but I can look back at it from a place of confidence.  My heart goes out to those little kids who scream on the side of the pool or cling to ...

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