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Get the gift dad or mom really wants with Car Spa’s mobile services (exclusive discount)

There are sounds that cause my heart to sing. Children playing. Birds chirping. Mountain streams rambling. And now, I have new item to add to my list: the sweet hum of a vacuum that I am not operating as a very capable team member from Car Spa deep cleans my car.

My Honda Pilot is 11 years old and has been in dire need of an overhaul after years of children and stains.When Derrick from Car Spa reached out to advertise at Mile High Mamas a few months ago, I was overloaded and told him to follow up with me later. A car detail sounded marvelous but I honestly didn’t have the time to sit for copious amounts of time during the cleaning.

And then he said the magic words that would delight any busy parent: “We’re a mobile car service and we come to you to clean or detail your car.”

Hook, line and sinker. In fact they did such an amazing job I told them I’d advertise for free!

Car Spa is a local Denver mobile car detailer that comes to your home or office. Their detailers are highly trained and extremely detail-oriented (haha, get it?) to insure an awesome detail of your car, truck, SUV, van or mobile home.

Exclusive Mile High Mamas Discount

Exclusive Mile High Mamas Discount

I’ve never had a car detailed and I’ll never look back after witnessing the transformation of having my 11-year-old car looking almost new again. That mystery stain on my son’s seat that the kids avoided like it was the cheese touch from Diary of a Wimpy Kid?

The Cheese Touch--car stain version

The Cheese Touch–car stain version

Gone with a miracle product that not only cleans but protects and restores leather, vinyl and plastics (and it’s not even sold to the general public).

Miracle clean

Miracle clean

The cluttered dashboard that accumulated every spill and was the black hole of most miscellaneous items in the vehicle?denverdetail

Clean again.

“We often overlook taking care of our cars,” said Jerry. “They get pushed to the side because we’re busy and don’t have time to deal with the mess.”

The great thing is I was able to work from home all day without dropping my car off somewhere. When Jerry started shampooing the carpets, my husband Jamie looked out the window and commented, “Wow, he’s even wearing a hazmat suit.”

Turns out, Jamie was joking but if we’re being honest here, my car was in such desperate need of deep-cleaning I did fall for it.

As Mom Chauffeur, I spend half my life in my car so why not have it be a happy, clean and clutter-free zone from time-to-time?
Now, if I can just get Car Spa to detail my house.
Exclusive Mile High Mamas Discount

Car Spa is offering a 30% discount for all services. Simply mention the “mommy discount” when you call and get 30% off any package. I.e. The Ultimate package which is normally $259 is available for $179. Call it a belated Mother’s Day gift to yourself or a Father’s Day present–either way you win! Go here for more information on car detailing in Denver or find them on Facebook at