Teenage Romance: How to Parent a Teenager in Love

Teen dating can come with a lot of pressure. We asked a psychologist at Children’s Hospital Colorado how parents can help teens and adolescents during the initial dating years. What’s most important about teens and dating? “Teens are unique and handle the pressures of dating differently than adults,” said Jeffrey Dolgan, PhD, Senior Psychologist at Children’s Hospital Colorado. “One thing is true for all teens, however: the importance of communication. As you watch your teen’s romance unfold, don’t wait until a jealous moment, a breakup or a precarious situation arises to talk about it.” How can I start the conversation? Dr. Dolgan suggests having regular conversations at a time when your teen is approachable – this makes it less awkward and less of a big deal. Movies are another great opp...

Treading Water in the Dating Pool

Not once in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be back in the dating pool in my 30s.  If someone had predicted 5 years ago that I’d be looking for a new relationship I would have said there was a better chance that I’ll be trampled to death by elephants in my own home than contemplating my profile on But that’s where I am.  In the dating pool.  The deep end.