Colorado Vacations

Adventures in Lost Canyon With Captain Zipline

Ever wondered what it would be like to soar through the Colorado canyons - majestic sights from a birds-eye point of view - the ground below looming hundreds of feet beneath your toes? How about the exhilaration of leaping from one cliff edge to return safely to the other side?

So You Can’t Spoil a Baby…How About a Furry One?

“THE BABY ALWAYS WINS.” Simple, obvious and yet immensely profound. Susan A. was a professor *and experienced mother of two young boys* when I was working at the University of Wyoming – she often spoke wisdom in a realistic, understandable form. As a first-time mother-to-be, I was a walking target (hard to miss) for those willing to share a little guidance, old wives’ tale, simple axiom, wise maxim, old proverb or other type of unsolicited advice on all the ways in which to have, raise and/or really go wrong with this parenting stuff.   The knowledgeable contributions did not go unappreciated – it’s just that I received a LOT of them…and many contradicted one another, which negated the entire process of information gathering. This one, however, stuck. It made sense in theory…in practice, w...