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It’s here! Mile High Mamas Holiday Gift Guide. The Baker’s Dozen.

It’s the yearly holiday list of the baker’s dozen of clever, thoughtful and creative gifts for everyone in the family. Black Friday is over (thank goodness) and now it’s time to shop locally. Of course every product or idea on this list is Colorado-based. From coffee and chocolates to theater tickets and donations to charity, please read my favorite picks for the 2011 holiday season. I even included a couple gifts for Fido this year. I always want to include so many more ideas, but I know that I would begin to bore all of you with too long of a list. Again, I’m so inspired by the incredible local entrepreneurs and companies that call Colorado home. From their charity work to their community focus, we are lucky Mile High Mamas to be surrounded by such inspirational people.

Mile High Mamas’ Ultimate Colorado Shopping Guide for the Holidays

The 2010 Ultimate Colorado Shopping Guide

Here’s my roundup of holiday shopping goodies! I scoured the state to find all Colorado-based gifts, perfect for the eco-friendly and green footprint movement we embody. There were so many fantastic choices this year, it was hard to choose only a handful, but I think I brought you the best and most clever gifts I could find. There’s something on this list for every aged child, from newborn to teen to college coed. I didn’t forget mom either—there are quite a few items I found that I didn’t have to share with Hank the Tank this year! Enjoy!

Belle Baby Carriers
Thank Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for making babies attached to the front of mom and dad hip! However, Colorado has always been ahead of the trend and we even have our own company based out of Boulder that makes unique baby carriers in a variety of appealing patterns. We choose Belle Baby’s Organic Jubilee ($109.95) that comes in black and white. I tore through the package when it arrived and couldn’t wait to get Hank in it. Whoops, it’s for babies 8-30 pounds . . . and the Tank hit 30 pounds at 10 months. I called in the reinforcements, Melissa and her 6-month-old son Gray. She loved it! Melissa was surprised by the ease of adjustment of the straps and the soft material, unlike some carriers. She also liked the head support that comes with each carrier and the ability for it to allow children to face both forward and backward. As she said, “We’re now ready to hit the Zoo lights, Gray will be able see them!” (

Clementine Art
Hank couldn’t even get his hands on this gift package before I was playing with the goodies. Wow, this stuff is amazing!

Colorado Products and other cool stuff

This time around, our round-up of reviews includes two interesting products made right here in Colorado! Personally, I think these would make great gifts for families with new babies – easy, organic meals delivered to their door or a very cool teether that can be personalized – useful and a keepsake!

Viki P reviewed meals from The Organic Dish:

I was feeling a bit uninspired and, yes lazy. I want to create clean, yummy meals but wasn’t in the mood. Lucky me, The Organic Dish laid some serious yummies on me.
Full review here.

Alexa reviewed the teether from Toofeze:

Toofeze logoExperts recommend, among other things, a cool spoon for soothing the sore gums of teething babies. However, spoons are unmanageable for small infants who are just beginning to develop their motor skills. They’ve just added an ergonomic handle to make it easy for very small infants to manipulate…
Full review here.

MiaHysteria reviewed a children’s book dealing with Sensory Processing Disorder or SPD:

How do I fit in? How come I feel this way? What’s going to happen to me? Am I the only one? Sensitive Sam is a book written for children, from a child’s perspective, highlighting the different ways that children can experience SPD, how it affects them, their family and school relationships… Most importantly, it leaves the child reader with the feeling that they are not alone.
Full review here.

Alexa also reviewed the Cart Stopper:

The Cart-Stopper™ is a simple and effective device that reduces the risk of child injury and vehicle damage related to “run-away” shopping carts.
Full review here.

If you would like to have a product reviewed by one of our Mile High Mamas, please email Amber at [email protected]