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So, Your Kid Wants to Drive: How to Get a Learner’s Permit

Your kid wants to drive. Say no.

Tell him driving is for creepers, griefers, and trolls. Driving will give him acne in his armpits and make him smell like thrift shop zebra-striped leggings. Ask your teen if this is a good thing. Do whatever you can to dissuade your personal youngster from climbing behind a steering wheel. Just kidding.

Good parents set kids free to explore and drive to babysitting jobs, solo. Also, I hear driving children come in very handy when you’re cooking dinner and discover you’re fresh out of canned button marinated parsnips.

I have a daughter of driving age. She will be 16 this summer, but wasn’t interested in driving until very recently. Because of Colorado’s current licensing laws, she may not have her full license until she’s close to 17. All drivers must have a learner’s permit for one year, so we are just starting to navigate the infinite universe of DMV bureaucracy.