Colorado Family Destinations

Westin Family Weekends: Our Fun Denver Staycation

One of the many little slivers of wisdom I share with my kids is how lucky they are to grow up close to a major city. There are countless ways to explore cultural offerings and we are a family that loves to take advantage of all Denver has to offer. But there’s a downside. We never get the chance to play tourist in our own city. Recently, we had the opportunity to see Denver through a fresh lens. When kids enter a hotel room, the best thing to do is stand back and watch their reactions. It’s a BED! And another?! It’s a window! Look at these little SOAPS! They like to christen the bathroom, try on the robes, stake a claim on a bed, and determine what to order from the room service menu, if presented with such a magical opportunity. I still feel this way when I travel, sometimes. There is so...

Adventures in Lost Canyon With Captain Zipline

Ever wondered what it would be like to soar through the Colorado canyons - majestic sights from a birds-eye point of view - the ground below looming hundreds of feet beneath your toes? How about the exhilaration of leaping from one cliff edge to return safely to the other side?