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The Cloth Diaper Switch: And I thought AIO was a type of gun

The other day my husband asked me if we were hippies,”We moved up to the mountains, try to grow our own food, eat mostly organic, you gave birth without pain relief, and now we cloth diaper?”

Well, maybe we are.

Don’t let me fool you. I think taking care of our earth is very important and there are several times I went out in public without shaving my legs (I assure you the hairy leg days were accidental and a bit embarrassing.) but the truth is I like to save money.

I was standing in front of the cashier with credit card in hand while hushing my 6 month old. The cashier rang up my month supply of disposable diapers and wipes, the amount finally hit me as a brick across the face would for the first time since buying diapers. I spend $100 a month. A MONTH! I spend $100 a month on things my children poop in and I toss in the trash. It