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New Year, New You! Mile High Mamas’ Healthy Living Giveaways


This year, we’re helping you stay on track of your healthy living resolutions. Enter below to win some great items that will help you feel refreshed, recharged and renewed!

The Ballet Physique DVD Collection

Retail Value: $34.95

If you want the body of a dancer without actually having to be one, you’re in luck. Just released in December 2012, The Ballet Physique DVD Collection is the first workout series from Littleton-based barre fitness studio, The Ballet Physique. Barre fitness has quickly become one of Hollywood’s go-to workouts because it fuses precision-based strength training with elements of classical ballet to produce lean and shapely muscles and rapidly transform the entire body. The Collection features two-discs and a Ballet Physique exercise ball that will whip your body into shape in no time. This is one tough workout, but the results are incredible. Just look at the abs on these ladies!