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Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Toruk — The First Flight’ Wows Denver

Confessions are good for the soul. Here’s one of mine: I’ve never seen the highest grossing movie of all time, Avatar. What I know about it can be summed up in a few words, including “blue”, “space”, and “sea monkeys”. James Cameron, who created the colorful, mystical world of Pandora in Avatar has given his blessing to the ever-innovative artists at Cirque du Soleil. They interpret it as only they can—with stunning effects, daring feats, and gorgeous costuming. While it’s not a retelling of Avatar, it is inspired by Cameron’s vision.

Toruk — The First Flight follows two boys as they set off on a quest to save their world. Along the way, they must collect five important artifacts from other tribes who aren’t necessarily friendly. In true Cirque du Soleil fashion, this journey bursts with opportunities for the skilled performers to delve into inventive and amazing acrobatics. If you’ve seen other Cirque shows, you might think you have an idea what to expect.

You don’t. While Cirque’s unique flair for the whimsical and bizarre are present, they’ve taken visual artistry to a new level of enchantment. Special effects and set design shine as bright as the talented cast, weaving a dreamlike world that gets more beautiful as the show progresses. Beasts prowl, birds fly, and flowers bloom in smooth, lovely synchronicity.

Toruk — The First Flight has landed in Denver for a few very special shows at the Pepsi Center for this weekend only. Showtimes include matinees, which is a great way to take kids to their first Cirque du Soleil show. Get them hooked on the spectacle! This is a circus you won’t mind them running away to join. Everyone involved in a Cirque du Soleil production has talent up to their eyeballs. It’s a can’t-miss, family friendly experience. It will be one of Summer 2016’s highlights. Give your kids an experience that will make a stellar “what I did this summer” essay.

Hurry! Toruk — The First Flight is only in Denver this weekend. There are two shows on Friday, July 22nd; two on Saturday, July 23rd; two on Sunday, July 24th. For more information about Toruk, other Cirque du Soleil productions, or to purchase these coveted tickets, visit their website.

(Pro tip: If you go, be sure to download the app. During the show, you’ll be called upon to help enhance the special effects!)

Header Photo: Errisson Lawrence Costumes: Kym Barrett © 2015 Cirque du Soleil

The Circus comes to Denver and front rooms near you

In honor of Cirque du Soleil’s Denver presentation of Kooza, I thought a little circus fun, of the Cirque kind, was in order.  (Don’t get me started on the other kind of circus — I’m not much of a fan.)

But, I LOVE Cirque – the costumes, the music, the athleticism and the hilarious clowns.  I emphasize the word — hilarious because usually I think clowns are terrifying.  Cirque’s are not.  (I still have tragic childhood memories of my mom performing in her mime troop.  Mime horror — might explain a few things?)

Anyway, whether you bring your child or not — and I recommend you do, over age 4 — take the wonder of Cirque home to your own living room.


I learned to juggle while working the front desk at a health club in college – squash balls seemed to work best.  My Klutz juggling book said to start with one ball and then add on. Throw up. Catch. Throw up. Catch with other hand. Add a ball (or beanbag.) Throw up one, when at the top, throw up the other, and catch the first one.  Actually, you better just buy the Klutz book on Juggling.


Watch the Kooza contortionists on YouTube.  Please don’t forget to warm up (stretch out) with your child before any crazy moves. (Although, if you do any crazy moves, please post pictures!)

Now, try to get your leg over your head.  HA.  Funny.  I bet your kiddo can do it though!

High Wire (or as I like to call it, walking on a jump rope)

Try to walk on the rope without falling off. Add a yard stick for balance and try again. Now, try it on tip-toes.  Please let your child have a turn.




Face paint + imagination. Need I say more?

Trip over your shoes. Act silly.   Blow up a balloon and draw a face on it.  Talk to your balloon friend as if it were real.  Aren’t you so silly!

eHow has a video series on Learning Clown Tricks.  *Note:  I do not endorse the sword swallowing, pretend or not.

Find more circus fun at the following links or by going to see Kooza!

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