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Scandalous Holiday Season Confessions

You know it’s the holiday season when a certain local radio station—the call letters rhyme with NOSI—busts out sleighbell-laden songs. ‘Tis the season to deck the rooftops with partridges. I love Thanksgiving, Christmas, and any holiday that falls during this time of year. If Administrative Assistants Day fell during November and December, I’d totally get an Administrative Assistants Coffee Mug Tree and string it with paper clips. I’d sing carols like, “Carol of the Tasteful Ringtones.” I guess I’m in a partying mood at the end of each year.

However, there are certain norms and rules regarding this time of year. Sometimes, I fear I’m doing the holidays wrong. Or, I get irritated by some of the traditions and only begrudgingly celebrate. Here are my holiday confessions:

1. I love getting adorable family photo greeting cards, but what do I do with them? It’s no longer

I Don’t Want to Deck the Halls or the Walls – Can’t I Just Take a Nap Instead?

One of my most cherished memories of childhood was taking out the Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving and watching my mom untangle the lights and curse them as she wrapped them not so gingerly around the tree. The anticipation of getting my turn to take out my precious ornaments and place them on the tree was almost unbearable.

We always put holiday music on and danced around as we decorated and prepared for Christmas. During the season, I’d lay under the tree and sing Christmas carols. Even as I got older, I still looked forward to decorating – the lights, the glow, the smells, the garland, the bells, all of it. The holidays were so special.

Grown and with my own kids, I always look forward to putting on the Christmas music and listening to my husband curse a holiday tune as he carries everything up from the basement. We have a pre-lit tree, so I don’t have to fight the light stringing. Under the guidance of my mother-in-law I have added a miniature Christmas village under the tree. We have the houses, the lights, and the cheerful holiday shoppers in the town center carefully avoiding the wildlife overlooking the entire scene.