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Still fun, still educational, “Schoolhouse” children’s musical still rocks

You can take the kid out of the schoolhouse, but can you ever really take the “Schoolhouse Rock” out of the kid?

No. Exclamation point.

That notion was reinforced last week when the U.S. Department of Education announced that, for the next year, callers on hold will hear “Conjunction Junction” instead of generic elevator music.

I hadn’t heard that ditty in decades, but after a lifetime of hooking up words and phrases and clauses for a living, it came back to me like a flash flood of interjections while watching the Arvada Center’s time-traveling, high-energy children’s musical, “Schoolhouse Rock Live,” which runs for one more week.

The irony: It’s the targeted children in this audience who are likely hearing all these lyrical tips about nouns and tenses and pronouns for the first time. It’s their teachers and parents, who have come here out of obligation, who are as familiar with it as the smell of Elmer’s Glue. And they’re bopping along to the beat with shameless enthusiasm.

This is all thanks to the popular