children write

Easy and fun nature poetry, . . . seriously

You don’t believe me, do you? I think the majority of us, me included, hate writing poetry. But, it’s an easy way for kids to write about nature . . . about anything for that matter. Try this and let me know if I’m a big fat liar or not!! (Pick not, pick not!) Write a list of words down the side of your paper of . . . Everything You See Somewhere Like The Park Or The Backyard Then add verbs to all those things. What are those things doing? Grass grows Trees whisper Flowers bathe Voila! You have written a poem! Would you please share? Inspire us with your writing — or your child’s.

Alphabet book of nature’s treasures

Grab a box and send your kids out to collect nature’s treasures. Now, for more fun. Make your own nature alphabet books. In my Imagination Soup kid’s writing classes, I order my books from Bare Books. You can do this or make your own book by folding 14 pages and bind with staples or yarn. Help your child by writing down each letter big enough for them to trace over. Add other words like ant, bird, grass and tree. Then, help your child say the word and figure out the beginning letter sound. Draw, glue or tape to that letter’s page in the book. Now, your young writer has written a book — one that can be added to for many days to come. P.S. Your older kids will love this, too!