42 Ways to Recapture Childhood Holiday Wonder

1. Save the wishbone. 2. Eat the dark meat. 3. Get dirty, wet, and cold on purpose, leaving a flock of snow angels behind. 4. Appreciate your cousins. Play with them. 5. Celebrate Snoopy Thanksgiving. 6. Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Make sure to high-kick with the Rockettes. Or low-kick. Or flick your toes. 7. Truly enjoy the sight and sound of coagulated cranberry oozing out of a can in one gelatinous cylinder. 8. Make a turkey with your handprints. 9. Wear mittens instead of gloves. 10. Make candy cane fangs. 11. Snoop

How to Stop the Curse of the Cursing Kid

I’m salty. I admit colorful language seeps through my filter, especially in situations when emotions are elevated. If my toe is stubbed, I don’t say, “Golly cookies!” When miffed, “Sweet beans!” isn’t my go-to way to let the world know how I feel about spending more than $100 on a tank of gas. I try to be mindful when my kids are around, but sometimes little ears hear words straight out of a can of Morton’s Iodized. Salty. Avoiding the big bad naughty words is important to me. If a word is banned in courtrooms, classrooms, or on sidelines, I probably shouldn’t use it to describe my disappointment that the hot dog buns are stale or the diaper has leaked. My downfall are the words that linger in the fuzzy grey area. My kids pick up on the...