Hiring a babysitter you can trust in the Denver-area

Home, for many of us, is a sanctuary. Not just anyone is allowed through the front door. There comes a time, though, when most of us will need to hire someone we can trust to cross that threshold — maybe even with a key — to provide care, to clean, to fix what’s broken. When Brittany Jenkins, a first-time mother in Denver, went searching for her first babysitter last year, she was nervous. She didn’t know many people in the area yet, having moved to Denver with her husband while she was pregnant. There were no relatives around that could help out, either. “It’s a pretty intimate experience, having someone come into your home with your child,” said Jenkins, whose daughter recently turned 1. “There are so many crazy people in this world today — you just ca...

Help! I have a difficult daycare dilemma!

I need some Mama Drama help! We’ve recently moved and our 18-month old son just started a new daycare and we HATE it. Our son cries every morning at drop off and the drop off teacher (who’s in charge for the first hour after he arrives) is rude and abrupt with the kiddos. We watched today through one-way glass as our poor baby cried for over 5 minutes without being consoled. We are on waiting lists for other day cares but don’t know what we can do in the meantime. Any advice is appreciated! ~Mama in Need  (photo credit ~click & read the sweet story behind this pic!)

How to Start a Babysitting Co-op

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the security of reliable childcare at a moment’s notice – day or night – from a trusted family in your neighborhood? Oh, and what if you could use funny money in exchange for the sit!? Sound like an exhausted mother’s dream…well, let me tell you ~ dreams really do come true! A babysitting co-op. I had no clue what one was until a good friend (and neighbor) invited me to join. That was a couple of years ago, and let me tell ya, it’s been one of the best clubs I’ve ever been a part of…I can’t imagine now what I ever did without it. Being personally invited to join in this private group was key AND it was required that the invitee had known me for at least six months prior – according to bylaws!...