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Clicking with Chicks at ChicksWhoClick

I recently entered a contest from MileHighMamas to attend the ChicksWhoClicks 2010 (#cwc10) conference. I never thought I’d win, even though I really wanted to go. A place where women learn about the Power of You? Heck yeah! So, I entered. And believe it or not, I won.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would this group of women be intense and shrewd? Would I feel overwhelmed by all the techie language? And, would anyone care what I would have to say? I quickly learned that not only was I welcomed in as if I was a long-lost family member, but I also was going to laugh harder than I had in a long time. I met some of the coolest and smartest women I had ever met in a setting like this.

Through learning my personality “shape,” appreciating the f-bomb in a presentation and showing off my true dorkyness while signing 80s sitcom tunes, I came out of #cwc10 with new inspiration for building the brand of me and in my ability to make it happen. Since the event, I’ve gained more confidence, new friends and savvy social media tools.

Here are some memorable quotes from #cwc10 panelists and prolific Twitter personalities:

  • Melanie Mills, aka @MelanieMMills: “It’s not about emasculating men. It’s about taking our power and using it in the work place.”
  • Shelly Kramer, aka @ShellyKramer: “Balance is an oxymoron. Quit striving for it! Handling it is just fine.”
  • Misty Montano, aka @MistyMontano: “People are information whores so we need to be better at providing the news you want.”
  • Erika Napoletano, aka @RedHeadWriting: “I’m going to offend some of you in this room and I really don’t care. This is me, this is my brand.”