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Chicken (or turkey) Vol-au-Vent Recipe: Perfect for Apres Thanksgiving!

My mom has been making Chicken Vol-au-Vents for as long as I can remember. Sounds fancy? When you’re from Canada, you don’t think twice about incorporating French dishes into your cooking repertoire. I’m not quite sure what vol-au-vent means but following the enthusiastic response this tasty recipe received from my picky kids, I’d translate it as “miracle food.”

Chicken Vol-au-Vents are essentially a light puff pastry shell filled with a ragout of meat, veggies or fish. They’re super easy to make and delicious. The first time I introduced them my husband when we were first married, he didn’t get it.

Me: Voila, dinner tonight is Chicken Vol-au-vents with Parmesan couscous and fresh broccoli from the garden.
Husband: Errr..why do these them thar biscuits have holes in them?
Me: They’re not biscuits, you Southern Redneck. They’re puffed pastries with le fowl francais in them.
Jamie: Errr…where’s the gravy go?

Note for the uninitiated: asking where the gravy goes on the “biscuits” is equal unto putting ketchup on a gourmet steak.