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What is your parenting style: Cheerleader or Coach?

In our younger, leaner years, my husband Secret Agent Man was an athlete. I was a dancer. So how did we end up with uncoordinated kids?

My twin boys can’t run. You know the kids that shuffle up and down the soccer field with their feet never fully coming off the ground? They would be mine.

Mini Me, my daughter, loves to dance. She has been in a local cheerleading program for three years. She always ends up getting “The Spirit Award” as opposed to something like “Best Jumps.”

Mini Me, like her mother, is high energy. Her coach is very encouraging and says that being energetic is what cheerleading is all about. But, unlike me, a former “All-American Pom-pom Girl” and former college ballroom dance champion, she forgoes technique in favor of an Elaine Benes-type dance style.

Whenever I have tried to “coach” my kids, I am met with