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Not Your Typical Tea Party

Last week, Amber and I were invited to head up north to Celestial Seasonings’ 40th Anniversary Event. We were going to partake in the celebration and meet the Blend Master, Charlie Baden!

And, I was going to try my hardest to refrain from asking if the event was sponsored by the Letter T.

When we arrived at Celestial Seasonings, we were greeted with quite an elaborate spread of foods, beverages, and a full evening of entertainment. We realized that this wasn’t just a 40th Anniversary Celebration, this was a reunion. There were employees from all eras and areas attending. Some had flown in for this event. Everyone had name-tags with their names, former (or current) titles, and the years of their service.

You could tell that they weren’t just coworkers; they were family.

That’s what struck me the most about Celestial Seasonings. Yes, it’s a successful Colorado company. Yes, it’s a company that started out in small-town Boulder and grew to a market of 60 countries. Yes, the event was a Zero Waste Event, meaning every single piece of trash from the party was either composted or recycled. But, what struck me the most was the passion for not only their product, but their people.