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CD Review: Rockin’, Rollin’, and Ridin’ with Rebecca Frezza & Big Truck

Rebecca Frezza & Big Truck has a new CD being released on November 10th. (Big Truck Music, $8.99, run time 23 minutes, for ages 4 to 8) called Rockin’, Rollin’, and Ridin’. Claire and I had the opportunity to check it out!

It is upbeat and has catchy tunes and lyrics. Do you know Gordon (Roscoe Orman) from Sesame Street? Even HE’s on it! He helps sing one of the songs called, “Hey-O.” It’s one of those songs where Rebecca sings and then has you repeat after her. This is one of Claire’s favorite songs on the CD! It’s interactive, which I like.

I do have to tell you, though…this CD comes with side-effects. Its songs will work their way into your head. One morning, I was shocked to have Rocketship stuck in my head while I was getting ready. “Rocketship, Rocketship to the Moon! Rocketship, Rocketship to the Moon! Rocketship, Rocketship to the Moon! Flyyyy!”


Admittedly, there are worse things to get stuck in your head.

So, if you like up-beat songs with fun lyrics, you should check out this CD when it comes out on November 10th. Claire isn’t quite 4-years old yet, but she loves it!

And then I dare you not to sing Rocketship while brushing your teeth in the morning.

The Casual Perfectionist received a free copy of the CD in exchange for an honest review. Photo provided by Rebecca Frezza & Big Truck.