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The Soup Was On for SOUP! 2010

Guest Blogger Suzanne attended this year’s SOUP! Event, and she provided the following photos of the event as well!  You’ll see Dawn (of CCIC), Suzanne with two other attendees (including Mile High Mama, Lalagirl!), and Colorado Lieutenant Governor Barbara O’Brien. Suzanne also writes at her blog, Crunchy Green Mom.

One of my favorite parts of blogging is the social aspect of it. I get to meet other women from many facets of society that I might never have met before. Women who work from home or work in high rises downtown. Mothers that stay home and work with their kids, or Mothers who work outside the home and might not get to see their kids all that much.

We all have something in common: We are doing what we love, and we’re helping the community we live in.

For over a decade, the Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition (CCIC) has worked to train, inform and assist our community about Children’s Immunizations, the benefits of getting our kids up to date and the detriments of what could happen if you don’t.

So, the past three years they have put on a grea

Healthy Kids Thank-A-Thon 2009

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Need a unique way to blog about the holiday? Participate in the Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition’s Healthy Kids Thank-A-Thon 2009!

This is a FREE, fun, and easy way to utilize social media and celebrate Thanksgiving by promoting health for kids.

We often don’t think about our health until something is “wrong.” The Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition (CCIC) wants to change that. Inspired by the spirit of the season, CCIC wants you to join us in giving thanks for healthy kids!

CCIC works to protect children’s health by ensuring that kids are vaccinated at the appropriate ages to prevent common childhood diseases. Our mission is the same as yours: Keep kids healthy!

In celebration of Thanksgiving, CCIC will be using social media (YouTube, Facebook and Twitter) to share parent’s gratitude for healthy kids. Parents, grandparents and mommies-to-be are encouraged to submit comments, photos, videos and blog online explaining why they are grateful for a healthy child. For full details on the Thank-A-Thon visit

From these submissions, CCIC will spread gratitude for healthy kids all Thanksgiving weekend long by tweeting submission on Twitter, creating a video for YouTube and updating the Facebook Fan Page.

How to Give Thanks for a Healthy Kid:

  • Ask readers and other parents to join you and CCIC in giving thanks to healthy kids

Deadline for submissions: Monday, Nov 23, 2009

Thank you so much and have a wonderful holiday season!