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Single Parenting the Opposite Gender

As a widow, I was thrown into the deep end of the single parenting pool when my kids were 5, 3, and 1 year old and from day one, I knew it would be tough.  And while I can sympathize with the pain of divorce and can understand how hard it must be for many parents to relinquish what is most important to them – their children – on a regular basis to someone they’re not all that crazy about anymore…my struggles as a widowed single parent are a little different.

Because I don’t have the other parent to pick up the slack.  At all.

The Kid Blender: How Should I Introduce My Kids to Someone New?

So, you’ve been dating someone for a little while and have decided that it might be time to introduce this new person to your children.  Congratulations!

Now what?

Unfortunately, The Brady Bunch started at Mike and Carol’s wedding so they didn’t offer us any guidelines on how they got to that place in their lives where all of the kids’ problems with each other could be happily solved in less than a half an hour.  This is regrettable because when I’m faced with a family problem, I often ask myself, “Now, how would Carol handle this?” And without an episode about how they all met…I felt completely lost when I had to figure it out on my own