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7 Apps Your Kids Will Love on Roadtrips

Preparing for a long road trip when you’re a parent can be daunting at least. Mentally preparing for a trip with our little ones makes me tired just thinking about it! While in reality we can’t snap like Mary Poppins and have everyone packed in an instant, there are a few things I can suggest to make the trip just a bit easier for your sanity whether you are traveling by car or by plane.

If you have a smartphone, I recommend these apps for kids to make that ride go by just a bit faster. And, hopefully, keep their persistent “Are we there yet?” to a minimum.

Toca Hair Salon by Toca Boca ($1.99) let kids hack away at adorable little characters’ hair letting them style and trim as they please. While this one is probably not a good idea for wee ones (we don’t want dramatic re-enactments), it’s an app that keeps kids busy creatively creating without the mess. I also highly recommend Toca Boca’s other apps, including Toca Kitchen, Toca Kitchen Monsters, Toca House, Toca Store, and lots more! Whatever you child is into, chances are Toca Boca has an app for it.