Laugh, Cry and Listen to These MileHighMama Mothers

Delicious motherhood vignettes in 4-minute morsels, including 3 Mile High Mamas. The Listen To Your Mother Show in Denver and Boulder, 2013 and 2014.

5 Favorite Family-friendly Restaurants in Boulder

When you live in a place that’s named “Foodiest Town in America,” dining out becomes a part of the lifestyle. However, when you have two picky eaters in tow, you have to choose your culinary destinations wisely. Will there be enough adult-friendly options for mom and dad? Will there be enough healthy-bland options for the kids? Lucky for us, Boulder gives us a wide-variety of choices – and price points – to keep everyone in our family happy.  Here are our top picks:  The Southern Sun  One of the biggest perks of our yuppy/hippy community is the Sun family. The Mountain Sun opened its doors back in the mid-90’s appealing to the young downtown-hippy crowd with their fancy microbrews and high-quality-no-nonsense good food. When they opened a slightly larger sister pub, The Sout...

Summer Adventures in the Boulder Area

Mountainous, Organic, Natural, Hip, Green, Fresh Air, Outdoorsy, how would you describe your neighbors to the North? As a mom of three, let me take you through some of the family friendly activities that you must know about. Some things that are just so fabulous you will have to get in your car and find yourself driving this way. Of course, if you prefer to bike, that would be fine too. What do ponies, humongous hay bales, a crazy zip line, sand in crevasses of your body that you didn’t know you had and one extremely large turkey have in common? – Sunflower Farms, of course. Located just south of Longmont, no summer is complete without a trip to this old fashioned farm. There truly is something for everyone to enjoy. My animal lover can’t get enough of feeding the goats. She’s been h...

Make a Difference in Boulder: Musicians Raising Funds to Help Youth Battling Addictions

Musicians in Boulder are hoping to build a studio in collaboration with AIM House and Factory Made to encourage, impact and train young people coming out of rehab. How you can help The Listening Well!

Theatre-Hikes Colorado: Into the woods with Hansel and Gretel

Chautauqua is the splendid setting for Theatre-Hike Colorado's presentation of Hansel and Gretel.

Not Your Typical Tea Party

Last week, Amber and I were invited to head up north to Celestial Seasonings’ 40th Anniversary Event. We were going to partake in the celebration and meet the Blend Master, Charlie Baden! And, I was going to try my hardest to refrain from asking if the event was sponsored by the Letter T. When we arrived at Celestial Seasonings, we were greeted with quite an elaborate spread of foods, beverages, and a full evening of entertainment. We realized that this wasn’t just a 40th Anniversary Celebration, this was a reunion. There were employees from all eras and areas attending. Some had flown in for this event. Everyone had name-tags with their names, former (or current) titles, and the years of their service. You could tell that they weren’t just coworkers; they were family. That’s what struck m...