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What You Need to Know to Overcome the Back-to-school Blues

It’s just like “vacation hangover” for adults. I don’t know any adults that love being back at work after a nice, long and relaxing vacation. So, it’s not surprising that after three months of summer vacation, getting back into the school year routine can be difficult for both kids and adults!

Two major challenges stand in the way of a smooth back-to-school transition. The first challenge is developing and getting comfortable in the new school year routine as a family.  Creating a smooth transition will help every family start the school year off right. The second challenge is not losing that positive, fun, relaxed and happy attitude that accompanies summer! It’s easy to fall victim to the harder parts of going back to school: waking up early, homework and busier schedules. Try making the transition as fun as possible and keep that happy summer spirit alive and beat the back to school blues!

Challenge #1: Easing Transition

The Louisville Downtown Street Faire: Get a Healthy Dose of the Blues with Marcia Ball

Loving Blues music and being a mother to 3 small children hasn’t always been the best combination.  For some reason, many of the bartenders at the establishments that feature live music tend to frown at me when I ask for 3 kids menus to go with my beer.  So, unfortunately, I don’t get to enjoy a live Blues band as much as I would like to.

That’s why I always look forward to that one weekend during the summer when Marcia Ball comes to play at the Louisville Downtown Street Faire:  The perfect place to combine my love of the Blues with a family friendly atmosphere.  And this year, that will be happening on August 12th.