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Featured Blogger: Lori of Weebles Wobblog

It’s time to interview another amazing blogger!  This week, Mile High Mamas is featuring Lori of Weebles Wobblog!

How did you get started blogging?
I googled a book I was reading (Waiting for Daisy) and landed on an invitation to a bloggy book tour. All I needed in order to participate was the book and a blog. I had one and started the other. That was the birth of Weebles Wobblog.

I serialized the story of our infertility and adoptions at Drama 2B Mama as a way to document my journey from utter despair to eventual motherhood.

And with a Canadian partner, I started a product review blog because we both love finding cool stuff and being sassy in reporting on it. It’s called All Thumbs Reviews, where we bring you our thumbs-up (and occasionally thumbs down) finds, along with frequent and awesome giveaways.

What platform do you use?
Blogger, which is a Google product.

I find it odd that “ blog platform will serve your website much better [than Blogger].” Why in the world would Google give better results to users of a competing platform?

What do you wish you had known when you started?
Not to start my blog name with a W (mine is always at the bottom of blogrolls), and not to choose a name that is difficult to spell out verbally (go ahead — try to dictate w-e-e-b-l-e-s-w-o-b-b-l-o-g to someone!).

What blogs do you most admire?
So many. First would be my Fairy Blogmother, Melissa of Stirrup Queens and Sperm Court Jesters. I have about 80 blogs in my reader, and each of them speaks to my mind or my heart in some way.

What is your best tip for moms who are new to social media?
Remember the community aspect — you are part of something larger than yourself, and you make it better for participating. If you aim to build your blog, plan to spend equal time writing your own blog and giving to others’.