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Mom fashion: Did you say Birkenstocks are back?

Current trends in fashion are not necessarily something busy moms have a lot of time for, especially if the trend is geared to tiny teenagers who can spend their babysitting money on the newest window dressing at H&M.  Gauging fashion trends that are appropriate and attractive on real women with real responsibilities is a tougher job.  Lucky for you, I spend a little too much time shopping the internet (Pinterest), blogs (my own), runways, and fashionable friends to find for you the latest and greatest trends for Moms like you (and me!). 

Today I give you the Birkenstock.  What you say?  How could the latest trend be those sandals I wore 15 years ago at summer camp?  These broad, flat sandals that have synonymous with the word ‘hippie’ for decades?  It’s amazing what a few designers put down a runway will, only a few short months later, end up selling out of your local Nordstrom shoe department.  These amazingly comfortable sandals are back. 

This time around they are re-imagined with more modern details.  Think skinny jeans, dresses, or chambray.  Here are a few examples of how to wear these crazy comfy sandals and not look like a lost flower child.






A word of caution, it’s still never cool to wear Birkenstocks with socks, or really ever wear socks with sandals.  That trend was never a thing (I’m talking to you, Dad).

joannaJohanna Ostrum is a busy petroleum engineer with one beautiful and very busy little toddler.  She and her dashing husband moved to Colorado about eight years ago chasing great job opportunities in the Denver area. 

She grew up on a farm in small town, Idaho, and really enjoys everything Colorado has to offer.  Getting out into nature is one of her favorite things to do besides drinking all the coffee she can get her hands on. You can find her sharing her life on her blog, twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.