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How Not to Be a Stressed Parent & Not Raise a Stressed Kid

Mindful Parenting, a new book by Kristen Race, PhD, reveals the science of mindfulness on the brains of children and moms, and ways to help families become more resilient to stress.

Reading Corner: Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety (& Activity)

Many people suffer from worry and anxiety…moms and dads as well as kids. But the question is: what are some of the symptoms or signs of anxiety in your child? worrying constantly about things that might happen restlessness, defiance, tantrums, aggression physical complaints such as stomach-ache, headache and fatigue avoiding or refusing to go places or do things What can a mom or dad do to help a child who is struggling with anxiety?

Back to School Best Books

Twenty minutes a day. It’s the standard homework assignment.  With good reason — practice makes “better.” Only, it’s not a happy time at my house. My daughter (A.) has not inherited my passion for books. Since I began reading, I have read for fun, pleasure, escape, and learning.  A. not so much. And, the irritating thing is that I’ve done all the “right things” – read to her at bedtime, during the day, standing on my head, and all around town. We’ve made weekly library visits, checking out bags full of books. We have books everywhere — collected from yard sales, used book stores, and new book stores. I read myself – which is good modeling for her. Right? But, I digress. This post is about books – and a picture books to help kids like mine who struggle with reading, ...