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Bee-Tees Product Review: Be Good, Be Happy, Be Kind, Let It Be.

Sayings we all know. Find inspiration from, learn from, take to heart and go through our day with. Sayings we try to keep in our presence of mind and pass along in the development of our children, who they are now and will one day become. And now, they’re in a T-shirt.

Bee-Tees are here. “Tee Shirts that Teach. Tee Shirts that Inspire.” is their logo and they’re true to their slogan. I recently was able to have a little “Bee Sweet” for my little girl. A soft, medium thickness, faded purple “Bee Tee” adorned her body. She loves it.

What I love about it is its simplicity. Understated yet poignant. It has a worn look so I don’t have to worry about how many washings I can get out of it before the color turns to something other than the original. Made in Mexico, the fit is pre-shrunk and therefore not shrinking any from wash to wash.

They have a of items available, a number of colors, available sizes for adults and children, and a number of fun and inspirational sayings to choose from. Going through their site, you can customize any Tee Shirt you wish. The process is fun and easy.

Fast shipping and good communication with excellent customer service tops off this creative Tee Shirt company. For a little added flair, each Tee has a “Bee” logo on it. Cute!

Now if she would just remember to be sweet when she wears her “Bee Sweet” Tee, things would “Bee Perfect.”

This review was written by one of our Mile High Mama Product Reviewers, Mia Hysteria.

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