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You, too can get a Brazilian (an UPtown one) and at a DISCOUNT

I’m going to show you my new Brazilian. Every step of the way.

Why did I get one? Why might you want one?

Some are lucky to have gorgeous curls. Some are fortunate to have shiny sleek hair. And some are blessed with well-behaved waves.

And some of us deal with the Dennis the Menace of tresses, like my unruly mane. I  have always thought I was a smooth-haired chick living under a wiry-haired dome. If only there were a perm that straightened hair.

Guess what — now there is. This one is called the Brazilian Blowout. But unlike the “downtown” Brazilian (wax) we talk about only in hushed tones, this “uptown” Brazilian is one you can talk about in front of your kids.

My friend, Crystal, is a stylist at a World Class Salon in Lakewood, and she let me know that models* were needed to help certify stylists in this new technique. So I cleared my schedule for my day of modeling, hired a sitter and documented the process.

At Eminently Hair Salon, I was paired with Debra, in whose capable hands my head would be for the next two-and-a-half hours.

  1. Step 1 was a detoxifying shampoo to strip my hair of any impurities.