Mama Drama: Attention Anxiety – Is it ADHD?

Dear Mama Drama: (photo credit) My seven-year-old daughter is struggling in school. Her teachers say she daydreams and is off in her own world so she doesn’t get her work done. At home she also needs lots of reminders and support to get things done. Someone suggested that she may have attention deficit disorder, but I’m not sure what that means. I’ve seen kids who are very hyper and have trouble sitting still, but this doesn’t fit my daughter. While she needs help getting ready for school and keeping track of her things, she can also sit and draw or read for hours. Other people have suggested she might need medication, which seems really scary to me. Can you give me some insight and ideas for how to support her? ~Anxious Mama

Mama Drama: Positives for Power Struggles

Dear Mama Drama: My four-year-old son has become exceptionally defiant and I am at a loss of how to respond. When I ask him to do something, he tells me no. When I tell him to do it or he will not be able to watch TV or he will lose his toys he isn’t cleaning up, he says he doesn’t care. I have threatened to put his toys in the trash and he tells me that he’ll just buy more when he is a grown up. I am worried that these struggles are causing angry feeling between me and my son all the time. Any ideas you have are appreciated. ~Struggling Mama (photo credit) Dear Struggling: Constant battles with your children take a toll on all of you emotionally. Power struggles can be so exasperating and we often don’t recognize we’re in them until our heels are dug in and our backs are against the wall....

Mama Drama: Sibling Rivalry and Playtime Struggles

Dear Mama Drama, I recently took my 6 and 8 year old daughters to a pumpkin carving contest. It is a wonderful family event that focuses more on community than competition, but the pumpkins are judged and there are winners. My 6 year old won and my 8 year old did not.  At first, the 8 year old was very supportive of her sister, but then she started crying. When we finally got to the root of the problem, she was upset that she had given her sister ideas and that her sister had won and she didn’t. This sibling competition expresses itself frequently in negative ways in our family and I am unsure how to react or what to do about it.  Growing up most of my life as an only child, I really don’t understand and am not very sympathetic to sibling rivalry. How can I encourage my childre...