The Light at the End of the Tunnel (part 3 of our journey with Asperger’s)

So….where was I? Oh right, we were wrapping up all our screenings and evaluations (still not sure what the difference is between those, but whatever). At this point, I’d gone part time at my job. To be honest, it sucked. I loved my job. I loved my team, the challenges, the intellectual curiosity, the energy…everything. The decision to go part-time was

Hurry Up and Wait (part 2 of our journey with Asperger’s)

I find it only slightly ironic that I’m revisiting this chunk of time now…at the beginning of the holiday season…2 years later. If you’d like to catch up on this story, click here. So, a quick recap. I’m beginning my DREAM job right when we’ve been told that there may be some “red flags” with Z, our almost 2.5 year old son. And both kids (S is barely 1 years old) are going through a culture shock of

In the Beginning (part one of our journey with Asperger’s)

So how did all of this start? Back in late October/early November 2009, Z was attending a three-day-a-week, half-day preschool, partly because I thought he needed more interaction with other kids but mostly because I really needed a break during the week. I had been a SAHM for over a year with a difficult baby (S) and an even more difficult toddler (Z). I desperately wanted to go back to work and was finding it difficult to find a job (thank you, economic downturn). And then, it happened. I got an offer for a director position that was an amazing fit. It was a quick transition; they called me on a Monday and my first day was the following Monday. Luckily I had everything teed up in terms of full-time child care and I quickly rearranged our lives so I could start immediately. The Beginning ...

I Know How I’m Going To Die

Ominous title, isn’t it? And attention-grabbing, I hope. It’s also true. At least, I’m pretty confident in that prediction…or as confident as you can be in predicting about the future. You take what you know and fill in the blanks with best guesses. You’re probably thinking…. “But, HOW do you know how you’re going to die? Did you create some statistical algorithm that would give Google a run for its money and can predict the future? Did you look into a crystal ball? Oh, I know! You bought one of those Magic 8 balls!” No, dear reader. Nothing as scientific as any of that. My prediction is based on fear. You see, there are