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The Open Enrollment Game: Where to Register for School?

Next week, I get to register Claire for Kindergarten! It’s hard to believe, but districts all over the Denver Metro Area are holding their Kindergarten Registrations in January!

(Stock photo credit: igoghost.)

So, next week, I’ll be standing in line at our neighborhood school…whether or not I want her to go there. If I was satisfied with our neighborhood school, my task wouldn’t be so daunting. I have to gather all of our proof of residency requirements, birth certificate, immunization records, and the other items. (The Eye of Newt was surprisingly easy to find, and I may have a good lead on the Unicorn Whisker.)

But that’s not the tricky part.

The problem lies in the fact that our neighborhood school is not our first choice for Claire. It’s not even our second or third.

Thankfully, we do have other first choices: