Are you plugged in? Baby apps every new parent should have

The kid is here! Freak out! The first months of having a baby are rough, regardless of whether you are a repeat parent, like me, or a rookie just entering the exhilarating and exhausting fray. In those newborn months, and even through the first year, most bleary-eyed parents go into survival mode, yet miraculously adapt to all of the challenges that come with the transition. While there isn’t any technology to get your baby to start sleeping through the night at eight weeks (yet!), plenty of great apps can help you in one way or another during that foggy and fantastic first year.- Jeana Lee Tahnk, Mashable Ready, Set, Baby! Leave that tattered baby book on your nightstand and instead turn to this all-encompassing app/e-book, which is a great resource for every parent to have during t...

12 YouTube science channels to keep your kids learning this summer

YouTube is brimming with quirky, entertaining and educational science programs. As much of it is produced for a general lay audience, there’s plenty of appealing content for precocious kids and parents.  Here are some of the best YouTube science channels to check out. 1. AsapScience Whiteboard illustrations explain every-day questions like if video games make you smarter and if plants think. During the Olympics, learn more with videos on topics like why Olympic records are always broken. Not all the content is kid appropriate though. For example, there’s a video on if sex affects athletic performance. The video merely acknowledges people have sex and focuses on non-titillating questions like how many calories sex burns and its effects on energy, anxiety levels and alertness, but ...

Got a budding scientist? Check-out these kid-friendly apps!

If you’d like your children to spend less time looking at their devices and more time observing the world around them, the answer may lie in those devices. An engaging science app may be just the guide they need to unlock their inner scientist. From astronomy to zoology, here are some of the best science apps for kids. Alchemy Genetics (Ages 9+; Android, Kindle; free – $0.99) This game introduces kids to genetics by putting them in the role of a mad scientist tasked with crossing different species of animals. Start with four creatures and work your way up to unlocking 450 different wacky types of creatures. The game includes links to Wikipedia entries on real world animals. Bobo Explores Light (Ages 8-12; iOS; free) Bobo is the children’s robot companion as they learn all...

5 homework apps that make the grade (and save your sanity)

Now that we’re well into the school year, you and your kids are probably coming to terms with the homework load. There’s no app to help your kids carry their books, but there are apps that can help you and your child keep track of all those homework assignments. There are even a few that can lend a hand when your kids need help with math formulas you’ve long forgotten. MyHomework iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows 8, Web, Kindle; Free MyHomework lets you track homework assignments and classes. When you add an assignment or test you can indicate the class, due date (time optional), and priority level (color-coded as low, medium or high). You can set up reminder alerts, which are saved to your calendar. You can then see your homework assignments by your calendar or in a queue b...

Apps allow parents to monitor children’s mobile Web surfing

With smartphone and tablet users getting younger, new apps can help parents of 2-to-13-year-olds monitor and control their children’s use of the Internet. A Pew Research Center study shows that more than one-third of American teenagers own a smartphone, up from more than a fifth in 2011. For nearly half of these users, the phone is their main way of getting online, making it difficult for parents to supervise their behavior. “When you have a smartphone, you basically have the Internet in your pocket wherever you are — away from your parents’ eyes,” said Anooj Shah, a partner in Toronto-based company Kytephone, which develops apps.

Expecting a baby? Want to conceive? Apps to help you plan

How did we ever have babies without our smartphones? I’m joking, of course. But with the array of fertility and pregnancy tracking apps available, there’s now a plethora of customized information at your fingertips showing you everything from the best days to try to conceive a baby to what your unborn child probably looks like in utero. Trying to conceive a baby? Forget about counting out days on a paper calendar. These apps will track your most fertile days for you. The most basic conception apps track a woman’s menstrual cycle. If you’re willing to pay a little something extra, there are apps that provide you with more specific information about the best time to try for that baby. The Period Tracker | Android, iOS; free Enter the start and end dates of your last p...

6 Spooktacular Apps for Halloween

Don't miss these 6 Apps for Halloween. From the fun (Millie's Book of Treats and Treats or coloring puzzles for kids) to the safe (sex offender search for when you go door-to-door).

App Spotlight Roundup: 11 Great Apps for Moms and Kids

Do you troll the app store at least once a week looking to add new ones to your collection or are you always looking for great apps that help your kids get excited about learning? I know I certainly do both on a regular basis. Then again, I do admit, I am an app-aholic. We’ve got a great roundup for your today – especially note the first two on the list – both are produced by local developers! If we don’t share your current favorite, please let me know about your latest finds in the comments below!

7 Summer Learning Apps for Your PC

If you’re sick of trekking down to Best Buy every few weeks so your kids can pick out a $20 CD ROM learning game they’ll be sick of in a week, Intel has the cure for your time and money woes. If you use the family computer as a learning tool over the summer months and want to save money on educational programs, you need to check out Intel AppUp. If your computer runs on a recent version of Windows, you can download the Intel AppUp App store and get to loading up your family computer with useful apps today. Don’t let the word “app” fool you – these are fully functional computer programs. And thousands are available within a matter of minutes (and pennies). Below I’ve listed some of the best educational picks of recent weeks and the words the develop...

5 Must-Have Music and Ambiance Apps to Beat the Summer Heat

We all have our own ways of beating the heat. Popsicles, dips in the pool, air conditioning on full blast, ice baths, etc. A fun way to add to the "cooling off" sessions is to add some music or audio entertainment to the mix - anything to distract our brains from dwelling on the sweaty misery! Why not put your smartphone to good use and add these great musical apps to your collection this summer.

7 Apps Your Kids Will Love on Roadtrips

Help your kids fight off car fatigue with these insanely fun, kid-friendly apps. Road trips don't have to be a bore!

8 Amazing Fitness Apps for New Year’s Resolutions

Like many other women, I could eat all the calories I wanted and not gain a single pound…until I was pregnant with our first child. Suddenly my metabolism slowed down and it seemed pounds were flocking to my midsection like never before. Naturally, I’ve had to turn to cardio workouts and calorie counting to help stave off the unwanted poundage. Being a lover of all things apps, naturally I’m always looking for ones to aid this process. Let’s take a look at some of my personal favorites:

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