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Mama Drama: Tantrum Trouble

Dear Mama Drama:

My six-year-old son is struggling with anger. He is often very frustrated with his sister or us when he doesn’t get his way and every little thing leads to extreme outbursts. He screams, yells, hits, and throws things. When we try to get him to calm down he yells no and stomps off.

His sister never went through a stage like this, so we don’t have the benefit of experience. We are feeling at a loss as to how to help him and are becoming exasperated with his tantrums.

~Totaled by Tantrums

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Dear Totaled:

Dealing with tantrums is definitely exasperating. Your son sounds like he is feeling miserable as well. When children throw tantrums they are trying to communicate, but are doing so very ineffectively. They can also get into patterns of reacting to situations and struggle to know what to do instead.

You have recognized that your son is frustrated when he doesn’t get his way, so this is a good place to start. Work with him before hand, when he is calm, on strategies for handling his frustrations differently.

What does he get the most frustrated by and